Nature is Cheaper than Therapy

Posted by Kevin Bischoff on

     It is no secret that mental health and well-being can be improved when you connect with a world that is bigger than yourself. The best way to engage with a world, outside of yourself, is to immerse yourself in the natural world. When you do that, your internal focus shifts towards an external focus on the vast scenic world surrounding you.

     It's easy to focus on yourself and all of your problems. Sometimes, it feels like the world is going to come crashing down on you. One walk in the woods can change your entire perspective on life. That same world that feels like it is crushing your will, is the same world that can enlighten your mind to the endless opportunities that it can offer you.

     It may seem daunting, especially if you've never experienced nature, but something happens when you're out there in it. You become present. You'll hike through a ravine all the while stepping over fallen trees, crossing rivers, climbing on rocks that eventually lead to a breath-taking view of a mountain. A mountain view, no matter how tall or robust, has a way of taking your breath away.

     The thought of that hike through a dark wooded area that opens up to a beautiful, scenic view of a mountain subconsciously soaks into your soul. It becomes a metaphor for your life. The troubles that you're going through, the bigger-than-life ego that you can't see past, these thoughts seem to dissipate the more that you begin to immerse yourself and connect with a world, that is much bigger than yourself.

     Whether it's every day, week, month, or year, try to find some time to get out and explore nature. You might be surprised to find a wave of positive emotions and broadened perspectives.

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